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She Asks

she asks
is that how a family is meant to live?

Dad, cares for nothing and no one
as long as he has his job
spends time with workmates
drinks his kava, kale
comes home to an accepting family
goes to sleep with a full stomach

Mum, care for everyone, plus the children
has a full time job
tries to spend time with each child
but does not succeed much
too much to be done
goes to bed with still not enough done
too much on her heart
and painful of all

she asks herself
Is that how a family is meant to love?

She doesn’t think so
family, living and loving was very different
where Papa and Mama and children lived and loved
like there was no tomorrow

she tells herself
that’s how she wants to live and love
together with those she treasures most
the children
and their dad
like their was no tomorrow

she asks
does it matter?

She tells herself
it does
because in the end
the children suffer the most

(16 October 2006)



Margaret Austrai-Kailo

Margaret Austrai-Kailo