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James K Baxter in 2009

  • Dougal McNeill, Baxter’s Burns   HTML | PDF

  • Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, ‘Reason not the need’: John Newton and James K. Baxter’s Double Rainbow   HTML | PDF

  • Francis McWhannell, Hunt’s Baxter    HTML | PDF

  • From the Archive

    James K. Baxter, Winter at Jerusalem (holograph and typewritten versions)   HTML | PDF

John Petit, Photograph of Baxter at Hiruharama, December 1970   HTML | PDF

Stephen Innes, The Baxter Papers at the University of Auckland Library   HTML | PDF


  • Jack Ross, Troubling Our Sleep: Ted Jenner’s Postmodern Classicism   HTML | PDF

  • Michele Leggott, peri poietikes / about poetry   HTML | PDF

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