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issue 13,  march 2014

Poetry and War: Call for Contributions to Issue #14


Issue #14 of Ka Mate Ka Ora will be focused on the theme of poetry and war. Though undertaken to connect with the centennial of Aotearoa/New Zealand’s involvement in the First World War, the theme can and should be treated as broadly as possible. For example, the ‘Home Front’ as it was coined, or the enduring psychological or social impact of war, or the changes in culture, taste and demography that a war can cause, are often of much more significance to writers than soldiers and battles.
We aim to publish Issue #14 of Ka Mate Ka Ora by going live on the web in March 2015. Please send contributions to Murray Edmond, Editor, at
To reiterate our general rubric, we welcome:

  • theoretical and analytic essays on individual poets or significant volumes, on schools or movements, on theoretical angles or historical moments
  • close readings of individual poems or sequences or books
  • talks about poetry or poetics
  • short comments, squibs, news
  • archival material with commentary
  • discourse which mixes critical and creative modes
  • correspondence and editorial notes

All submissions will be refereed by readers.
We are happy to accept work in a number of styles, particularly if the demands of one mode (eg. a talk) are quite different from another (close reading); however we require consistency of style and referencing within each submission. In general we encourage the use of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (6th ed.) with the following recommendations:

  • format submissions as Word documents
  • double or 1½ line spacing with double spacing between paragraphs
  • long vowels marked by macrons
  • book and journal titles italicised
  • full address (URL) for web references rather than embedded links

There is a useful guide to style sheets, with examples, at UC Berkeley’s Teaching Library
We will consider relevant visual or audio material with submissions. Copyright clearance for use of all materials in an accepted submission is the responsibility of the author.

Last updated 8 April, 2014