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E M M A   K R U S E   V A A I

Emma Kruse Vaai was born and raised in Samoa. As well as a poet, she is also a writer of short stories. She and her husband Alo Vaimoa Vaai have four children.

Mango Mission

Branches laden
with sweet succulent mangoes
so heavy with juice
so tempting
on a hot useless afternoon

Old man Vili is drinking his tea
he wont see
with his back turned shall we? shall we?
Sinners, stealers of mangoes shall be burned in hell
but for now let it be

You take the stick
Ill hold out my t-shirt
dont make a noise
just aim at the stems

one, two, three . . .
uou! uou! uou!
oh shit! the dog the dog
your squealer shit dog
uou! uou! WHOS THAT?
bellows Vili with his back turned.
Quick! run! he has a gun!
Kick that shit squealer spoiler dog
run! run! before Vili gets his gun!

Such sweet succulent mangoes
unfortunately only two
one for you and one for me
on a hot sinful afternoon



Last updated 04 July, 2004