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C H R I S   T A M A I P A R E A

Chris Tamaiparea is of Tūwharetoa/Ngā ti Whātua descent. He was born in the Auckland suburb of Glen Innes, the great suburb where glue sniffing was invented. Residing in the United Kingdom, he has never given up his dream of opening the batting for the New Zealand cricket team. His long-suffering partner Donnelle believes this will never happen.

coast triptych

(to be arranged in any order)

moana puts on a show
a sea of blue kites
leashed to the sky
by three strands
of early sunlight

sea breeze pianissimo
we two share
secret conversations
the dusty ears of a
are burning
its bough leans
my way

one opportunist leaf
traces a path
a small net in the air
trying to catch
the ocean breathing



Last updated 04 July, 2004