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K A U R A K A   K A U R A K A

Kauraka Kauraka was born in Rarotonga in 1951, and educated in the Cook Islands, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Hawai‘i. He published six collections of poetry in English and Cook Islands Maori, including Return to Havaiki (1985), Dreams of a Rainbow (1987) and Manakonako, Reflections (1992). As well as being a writer, a musician and photographer, he was by profession an anthropologist with the Ministry of Cultural Development, Cook Islands. Kauraka Kauraka passed away in 1997.

Rainbow Woman

You appear to me in dreams day and night
Your gold and black hair flows
Forming hills and valleys in full colour
Causing the living dead to look up

You came to me in bone and blood
The marrow still white the water flows
Creating coconut trees and pandanus groves
Leaving sweet fragrance of your hands in the wind

You penetrate my eyes with tender rays
Your brilliance doubling my vision
Illuminating the lava sealed paths in my soul
Releasing the fire and water within

You offer me omens of Po
Gifts of earth nail and hair
Of maire tuitui and ginger stone
Your rainbow from your seven heavens



Last updated 04 July, 2004