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p 135

Christmas rush in Canterbury (Saturday)
the main street impossible to move in
(when’s St Agnes Eve? it’s chill already)

                                   my bad handwriting
                                   where ‘Christmas rush’
                                   looks like ‘Christmas noh’
                                   (a homage to Murray Edmond?)

– Christmas noh could be interesting e.g.
One: ‘I can’t move in this street’
Two: ‘Why are you here then?’
One: ‘Because I need an overcoat’
A man staggers past carrying an enormous sign, the
       lettering of which is illegible.

etcetera (or: One: ‘etcetera’)


10/12       rotten apples under trees near Selling
                rotten apples on blue carpet
                at the V & A museum

the Victorian age, represented by
the Albert Memorial, Hyde Park, and
Julia Margaret Cameron’s illustration of Tennyson
a deep vulgarity in both cases though
vulgarity and vitality often run together,







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