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M A R K   T Y L E R


Brett Sprague in Twizel

i still remember feeling slightly unnerved by the
multitude of unfamiliar faces in our normally subdued
small town saloon when the film crew had invaded
and set up shop, albeit temporarily, but my
initial discomfort was rapidly washed away by a
raging torrent of bourbon and i immersed myself
in the thickening throng, revelling in the joviality
and mystery that these strangers carried, fresh
to me as the morning frost, and looking through
the smoke filled haze, like wearing water-clogged
goggles, i caught a glimpse of someone I recognised
but didn’t know, you know that feeling, almost like
deja vu but stronger, real tip of the tongue
type of stuff, and leaning into Michelle i said
            - that geezer with the leather jacket looks
like Brett Sprague from that film The Boys -
and Michelle said
            - who….what?! -
so i enlightened her with a brief rundown of
the movie’s events as i recalled them, spouting
off some memorised dialogue which didn’t prove
difficult after six recent viewings, striving
valiantly to relay the deep impact the film had
made on me, from the graphic depiction of
mundane urban existence, right through to the
dark sinister soundtrack by The Necks, and
everything in between, low budget, yet colossal
in its genius, and before i knew it i was
introducing myself to this leather-clad enigma,
asking him if he was here with the film crew and
had he done much acting and was he Brett
Sprague from the Boys?
- damn right - he says to me - the name’s
Dave –
but i wasn’t listening anymore cos i just wanted
to chew the fat about The Boys, and discuss
dialogue and screenplay and symbolism, like the
cigarette he always carried despite giving up, because
it represented his pride, and he says
- oh, so you know the movie quite well then -
and i say
- damn right Brett -
and he says
- it’s Dave   -
but i wasn’t listening cos i was too busy bombarding
him with questions regarding certain aspects of this
epic film that had confused me, and he filled
these gaps, satisfying my intrigue with the
assurance of an insider, that invaluable first-
hand knowledge, so we amicably parted ways
that night, but i continued encountering him over
the next few days, you know the way you’ve
never noticed someone before you meet, then suddenly
you can’t stop crossing paths, yeah, well, so it
was with me and Brett Sprague, and since then
i've taken great interest in all the roles he’s
undertaken, a brilliant and widely respected actor,
made quite a name for himself, and people
always say
            - oh yeah, that guy David Wenham -
but i'm never listening cos i always revert back
to that time in the local tavern when i met
Brett Sprague from The Boys



Last updated 23 April, 2006