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M A R T Y N    S A N D E R S O N


Caution: small poem following

passed a ute on the Paekak hill road this afternoon
with a big sign saying Large Vehicle Following
a quarter of a mile along, passed a big earth mover
with a sign saying Large Vehicle
not bad, I thought, not bad.
Small poem

and then a scrawled sign saying Bone Dust $2.20 a bag
in the paddock behind it were:
skeletons of garages
stacks of boxing
a Dobermann Pinscher in a 4x2 frame shed without roof or planking, on a chain, barking
3 old truck carcasses
a young man with a beard & a set of blueprints
an old man and a young man with their torsos
under an MG Magnette
a rusty boiler on a stand
a restored 1938 Ford V8 well-deck truck with a California plate behind the New Zealand one
a tin shed full of bones
a tin shed full of furnaces and grease and a
sweet sickly stink and oil burners
dead cars
black 44-gallon drums

so by way of sharing the shock and turning shit into flowers, I bought a bag of bone dust for your garden
                     that's how much I love ya

From Like Smoke in a Wheelbarrow: Poems & Other Dramatisations (Steele Roberts, 2006)


Last updated 10 May, 2006