new zealand electronic poetry centre

A N N A   R U G I S



jasmine curling over the tank top
and no firm plan
for the festivity
                        the places where
2 directions of movement attempt
a conjugation
the ends
of the otherwise impossible
2 dimensions of reason
                        no longer enough
we need
a new model in
3D                    (at least)
J is building a prototype
using 5mm ply and wooden rings
society was an island
now submerged
the new game
we must make (must we?)
will it have…?
will it…be…?
white cells
picking away at rocks
a scarred scape slowly
our 3 generations are up
and we don’t see it yet
T says it doesn’t matter
( he doesn’t know what he knows)
the perfected spawns the alternative
we are scattered
before we find
a way home


must be
the single note song
of a plains bird
and the mountains it doesn't miss

the infinitudes of ocean
a crow can't cross
doesn't cry for
duennas of the practical

we turn
to our volcanoes for protection
our voices rise and fall
through the canopy

blow down gullies
with the groans of continents inverted
search engines scouring the canyons
of the Mariana Trench

i feel as if i have
left my heart somewhere
and that it is safer
where it is  

Last updated 27 April, 2006