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H E A T H E R   M c P H E R S O N   


A Birthday re/arranging

                  (for Fran)

You’ve been changing the big house
you and your partner
and your paintings
the other day you hung in the old kitchen
corner in long thin strips over the sewing
machine space Ao’s painted faces
facing the ghostly dinners cooked up
where the stove used to be
oozing steam into these high shivery peers
that stop us shocked on the threshhold
so huge so shifty
how the one-eyed bone-yellow profile
pulls back from an edge she’s not yet
ready to cross and faces you down
and the jovial reddish-streaked face
sucks our seasick gaze up wave after wave
of skin and cheeks past the swollen darkly erotic
turret-shell opening by her mouth
bobbing higher to one squint eye
looking in or out while the other droop-lidded
skewers or maybe laughs through us
making her presence felt
beyond your heaving paint
telling us all is flux
don’t hang about
at these two studio guardians
and entrance Fates
you know the triple Goddess
changes faces

Last updated 27 April, 2006