new zealand electronic poetry centre

P E N N Y   K E N N E T T

Beach Picnic

Flax and toetoe, rock pools with anenomes and crabs ,
Sunny day slipping towards sunset
At Children's bay, Banks' Peninsula.

I'm searching for shells with Granny, and Mum.
Ignoring the drag of wet togs on
Skin itching with sunblock and salt water.

Thermos, tartan rug ,
Keeping half an eye out for the baby,
Sleeping in the bouncinette, in the shady patch.

Grandad in a deck chair, bowling hat tilted
To protect the Jordan beak from the sun.
Small transistor radio adjusted with large hand
-the cricket scores in his ear.

I heard Mum say to Granny,
I'd love to live by the sea, so close I could hear it
When I lay in bed at night.

Last updated 26 April, 2006