new zealand electronic poetry centre

J O H N    H O L T O N

Soup-sipping lunchtime girl
Full to the brim with lyric youth
Through shimmering soup steam
You flipped your croutons distractedly
Stirred your coffee and something in me

Your long brown hair
And long brown legs
This long brown lunchtime
Slips silently along coffee spoons
Pooling in lazy saucers

So, I watch you sip
Not out of love
Or desperate need
Or fornicated fantasy
Just a moment of lightness
Like croutons floating on soup

Bread of life

Faced with the lonely alternative
He scanned the menu
‘Maybe I’ll just have soup’
The waitress clicked her pen over and over and over …

The long silence was broken
By the roar of a bus engine
And the comforting voices
Of graveyard talkback

‘Do you want bread with that?’
She scratched her pale cleavage with the pen
Then her scalp
It was a strange sort of communion



Last updated 26 April, 2006