new zealand electronic poetry centre

M I C H A E L    F A R R E L L



, reality real happy key to to say, cold thought words,
of sense- (as one) -heap open the tiple under quate
our missing sin the philosophy, up the bungled to covered
hurdle the blind questions. All shying and istic the motif
explodes thinking pendently re-cartes natural coveries or two alone,
. (For him!) flying back. nomously, the scheme radical is lost
lost again. ing, today it: naivete first. time, emerges in
the book. two ethical (he we philosophy), ing.* re-orient
is: science our general in a way ... through the aware
shape a universal ... that the world – the world of controversy,
the basic something has teeth and everything to angle. ena
the darkness? so so much enterprise and suffering, ... All
coherent zon other’s operate everyone else, i.e. extensions, to people
ring the cultural scientists our meaning is the method ciple,
a wish, the neglected style, and guiding, his instrument, of
a move, seeing the same. there we are sure different
is fixed, it.* ted is at home .... but conscious. we
know extreme – whatever we said anything for granted, son and
we wonder ... the fact felt aroused by, that thing person*
flash-back to Plato (instead ing), ... and everything is ... an
index? What world? What person’s see the theoretical, and step
by the mystery of ent, the way, I speak,, smell
to others we realized my degrees are studying, mechanical things,
the reflex eyes, see the information *I *ibid., *loc. cit.

Last updated 10 May, 2006