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D I O N    F A R Q U H A R


Hegel for Dummies

Freedom’s just another word
for nothing left to lose.
  –  Janis Joplin
working by day, school at night
(though more cafeteria than class)
I didn't know        had not seen                     
“choice” taxidermied into trophy –
our wild dreams, cascades of complaints
(male chauvinist pigs, bourgeois privilege,
TV-watching pathetic parents)
heady delusional, talk of revolution
– we read Baldwin Ginsberg Malcolm Che
Millett Leary Laing and Plath –
the sparkle of the not-yet
beckoned big: if it exists, it stinks
years morphed into decades
scrambling codes, perfect night rides
windows down, wind in our hair
car lapping up the road
carapace of community
living in the center, Manhattan downtown     
round-the-clock friends, sex, music, drugs   
demonstrations, midnight feasts in Chinatown               
after double bills of French film
evenings of art – Met or LaMama –                       
leaning over the spiral balcony
at the Guggenheim (giant flower pot)
listening to Charlotte Moorman
play cello (topless) while someone read Artaud
when what was really happening...    

Last updated 23 April, 2006