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M U R R A Y    E D M O N D




the moon is ajar
push through to
the room
of the world
with its four fat corners
a morepork tells its moping
thickets of crickets
whittle the night
in the yellow window
down below a pink
and frosted human
holds his knickers
to the light
pulse of a car winds
up West Coast Rd
the Zen master
two doors up
jumps into his swimming pool –
the blinding light
rests in his palm
Isaiah’s dark coal
of anti-matter
he lies back on
the water and kicks
chlorine to the stars





a sign which reads
some reassurance in itself
that this way might at least be THE way to
unless some prankster scrubbed the D
and replaced it with a K
in which case you might find you’re on
a road you went down once before
just as a sign in white on black
might as well be one in black on white
and in either case you could have stumbled on
(as you stumble on, pace Frost
and any others who got lost)
a work of art
a widely spaced and recurring exhibition
and some kilometres further on
ROAD WORKS once more
as if reassurance was a constructed pattern
based upon some mathematics
whereof you were unaware (pace Thomas Hardy)
because pattern is more than semantic
in fact is in itself the singular semantic
the pattern that you hold inside your head
being the one you utter at each instance of your speech
over and over as if you were to say
because that is the case
you are the road the road is you and that is why it works
as if aesthetics had crept up behind
and struck your skull a blow
hey youse
remember me
as if to say                              







the stone of the poem is not a stone
it lies as a stone might in its place
it speaks of its own stoniness but it is not stoney
the astonishing tones of its voice
do not knock against anything harder than bone
and those sounds do not mean nothing
moreover do not mean anything
except the sounds they are not for they
certainly do not mean what they are not
the stone lies where it lies alone
it lies and it lies and of course it lies again
and the poem of the stone has nothing to do with
any of this it’s only the notes of the stone
which are made of stone the notes of the stone





Last updated 23 April, 2006