new zealand electronic poetry centre

M A U R E E N    D I L L O N

Sacred Place.

Each step we take,
Draws us nearer
To our destination.  
A peaceful place
With wild daffodils,
Snowdrops and crocuses,
Growing amongst the trees.
In between crevasses,
Where hands of rock part.
A seat is waiting.
Lovingly grown for you,
From round tree roots.
Sit and feel
All the trees memories
Spanning a 100 years.
Nature’s life force,
Flowing almost freely,
Sap seeping every pore.
A few steps over
Clear mountain stream,
Every drop glistening.
Stones sparkling below
Worn over centuries,
Gripped in the icy cold.
Smelling sweet spring,
Trapped for a moment.
Remembered in Emotion.


Last updated 26 April, 2006