new zealand electronic poetry centre

M I R A N D A   A I T K E N


Bare at the Beach


In crystalline minerals
people sit to pay homage
to earth and sea.
There are days here when paradise
is laid at your feet, free
a gift of sea colours
made luminescent in southern sun.
Reef laid bare like ribs,
full cast ocean tide asunder
and then, the sea
she gives to me that
come hither look,
and I am all bare
flesh and sex
on hot afternoons,
the sand   the salt  the sweat
the rhythms rising.


The Poet’s Sacrament


Full moon rising, blissfully
The poet rose, spoke
To trees and sky quietly,
Night’s eternal quote.

Great heart of earth forgiving
Soft, a gentle sigh
Love seeded with beginnings,
Night seas rolling by.

Lines of poems read wordlessly
Poet, sky and moon
So each sing the mystery
And the forests croon.

Dawn brings light and memory
Of the mind laid bare
Silent night of poetry
Tree and poet share.

Daylight time in measurement
Red sky fades to blue
Night the poet’s sacrament
dressed in full moon’s hue.


Last updated 28 April, 2006