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Mark Young 

All Together Now: A Digital Bridge for Auckland and Sydney             


geographies: Waitakere City

A common misconception
about most neoclassical
growth models is that
non-clinically depressed
patients are sourced for
roadfill for city streets
in much the same way
as starter cultures are
used in the production
of industrial fermented
food. True, they are
homogeneous in texture
& color, & bland in taste,
especially during those
times when they're inter-
acting with the external
world, but what does
personal growth have to do
with the meaning of life?

geographies:  The Lower Burdekin

Burning sugarcane
before harvesting, a
     method adapted
from an Estonian
lace knitting book,
     is a subgenre
of exploitation film

     that began in
the late 1960s &

     continues to
 the present day.



©Mark Young