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   n z e p c
Sonja Yelich  

All Together Now: A Digital Bridge for Auckland and Sydney             


Recall – Sargeson Flat – May 2010

If you think you are seeing
Things you probably are &
Maybe the paraphernalia of
Your vision might prevent
You from recalling what it is
You witnessed.  Take what i
Saw for example.  He was
Running past the outside of
My apartment with his head
Covered in that fashion state-
Ment of Hoodie.  The cloth
Briefly locking the fabric of
His hair & the rapture of his
Skin – see – I can’t be sure
There even was hair.  It could
Be that he was furred & his
Skin was blushed not blurred.
He legged past the front fender
Of my Volvo.  I drew breath
Over his head being upstairs
& looking towards the ground
that I was not looking at but
knew to be there.  His gun
was bleak & loaded I guess.
I saw it protrude from under
His right arm – the elbow cocked
To the park – his other arm
Neatly prescribed to his chest.
I cannot be clear about his shoes
But I have the feeling of jeans.
The streetlamp was white & he
Was lit like a moondog.  Like
A fissure. If I blinked it would be
Reasonable to have said that I
Missed him passing.  His 6 foot
Steps.  The rapidity of my eyelashes
Hovering above him.  The break in
He did with the gun.  The taking
Of the projector.  I can’t be sure
About much other than the sound
Of the window avalanche – the
Horror of glass & the repeating
Of the process for the armed
Offenders squad – their metalica
Of questions they asked me
In many orders from A to Z or
Starting with the gun – now –
What did you see.



©Sonja Yelich