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   n z e p c
Mercedes Webb-Pullman  

All Together Now: A Digital Bridge for Auckland and Sydney             


belladonna progression




aimed straight at the light –
belladonna lily stands
speared through violets


*   *   *


first flower


a trusting child, face upturned for a kiss
no, a starfish reaching for the moon
or lover's greeting, hands outstretched
                       no, someone letting go
a trumpet flares for summer's end, loud pink
a creamy throat explodes as calyx stars –
yes, stars; insistent and quietly, without fuss
                       eternal, like the rest of us


*   *   *


not really explaining anything to a child


shrinking –
a diminishing
a timid withdrawal

remember that mossy stone wall in the orchard
last summer where you touched a snail’s horn?
it drew back into itself –
that's shrinking

you almost saw it think
before eye-horn quested out again

you touched it a few times
it thought some more, and moved away

making a snail think
is like watching a battle-ship turn –
you know it’s going to happen but it takes so long


*   *   *


wither follows shrink

the first belladonna flower
after blushing dark pink all over
then withered

now shrivelled
edges crimped, purple
martyr to time

the other side of love
is the hardest part to learn

strangely still beautiful




©Mercedes Webb-Pullman