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Amanda Stewart   

All Together Now: A Digital Bridge for Auckland and Sydney             




music is how
we first remember

each thought carries the ruin
of a sound

the mouth
breaking the surface





the hope of it          

a word can say it
but not how it means

language never fills the gap
it leaves before us







Tautology 11

the relation of assumption to the form of sound

the assumption of relation between sound and form

the relation of sound to the assumption of form

the form of relation and its sound assumption

the sounded relation of form and assumption

the form of sound and its assumed relations

the sounded assumptions in formal relations

the between form of sound in relation to assumption

the between sound of form in assuming relation

between sound, form, relating assumption

the assumption of form sounding relations




                                                            Emptied Signs


1. the observer

98%  junk
98%  chimp
70%  water
90%  unconscious


2. the observed

74% empty space
74% dark energy
22% dark matter (cold hot or warm but dark)
96% dark fluid (4% matter)


3. something amiss

the noise of exchange
                                                recombinant absence
                                                shards of debris
                                                molecular machines

                                                coherence – pale and shining
                                                under a canopy of wars –

4. the observer/observed

a stuttering unconscious primate
makes its way through its darkened emptiness of
holes and black and junk and fluid
                                                            contained fear

the bowl the knife the axe the cup
the bomb the pill the patent the code

                                                            use becomes the object
                                                            which the object forgets

the telescope the eyeglass the camera the gaze
behind before the same landscape appears appears


Once a courageous explorer limped
across an emptied wasteland
                                                            west of west
                                                            north to south
a European tongue
and an age of lists
                                                            things were ‘discovered’
                                                            renamed and said to exist
the potato the diamond the coffee the gold
the slave the gun the small pox the flu

                                                            classification identification demarcation
                                                            designation delimitation inscription
                                                            territory zone sphere lot domain claimed            

the holy 3
the fundamental 4
the sacred 14
the infinite 0
the all powerful 1
the mystical 7
the 24 the 12 the 52


galileo arrested
bruno burns

                                                            a bruised twilight loops


once there was a 20th century
                                                            and in the beginning
                                                            the gaze was stripped bare
                                                            in 12 tones and 4’33”
                                                            sprays of phonemes
                                                            untamed numbers
                                                            buildings in code                                                                                                                                                     fort/da at the speed of thought light
                                                            falling elsewhere
                                                            a cat in a black box
                                                            a particle and a wave
                                                            reified uncertainty
                                                            the position of the observer
                                                            becomes part of the observed 


shattered axioms
collapse and divide                                   reform

the atom the organism the subject the sign
the note the number the symbol the form

                                                            newton’s had it
                                                            mendel’s back                                                         
                                                            from peas to bees knees 
                                                            joyce to stein
                                                            a modern ism’s new syntax
                                                            a talking cure
                                                            a bad tempered scale
                                                            from cézanne to bohr
                                                            saussure for sure
                                                            from flavour charge mass and spin
                                                            to SUSY and vibrating strings
                                                            pythagoras is?
                                                            no membrane magic
                                                            the mother master mystery matrix
                                                            witten’s wissenschaft
                                                            M-theory in 11 dimensions
                                                            d-branes p-branes
                                                            or something from the swampland

to bring the unsayable
to the said
                                                            sunlit multiverses
                                                            rise from the debris of repetition

god is dead?
i don’t think so                                             
                                                            a market
                                                            yes           for intelligent design                                                                                      
genetics gets stuck on protein
physics glows in the dark
                                                            from G.U.T. to T.O.E.
                                                            a priori fait accompli

from flat earth to universe
cold and dark and black unknown
                                                            W.I.M.P. or  M.A.C.H.O.
                                                            R.A.M.B.O.  D.U.N.N.O.                             

the exception meets and remakes the rule
the loop of relation feeds back
into the space of its own absence

                                                            the sign empties          reforms
                                                            propositions dimensions of lack
                                                            sliding beneath the horizon of objects

a darkened age?
no just the same night sky

                                                            was our only hope              

the possible outside the remembered
sign ‘n’ system spilling at the edge of use



The Twentieth Century Never Happened


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©Amanda Stewart