H  O  M  E    &    A   W   A   Y      2  0  1  0
   n z e p c
Nigel Roberts  

All Together Now: A Digital Bridge for Auckland and Sydney             


The New Age Class Listings

The Jewish Community Centre offers these –
Kindergym, Creative Chinese Cooking for Singles
&; Men in Transistion –  a course for men
exploring their options. 

The  Open Education Exchange asks
if  we’ve ever had a secret desire to play baseball
but were intimidated by the glares & putdowns 
of others? 
if so, they say
the personal & emotionally supportive atmosphere
of Baseball for Beginners
will turn this around
The East Bay Socialist School 
has a course for those who started Das Kapital
but never finished.

There is no
overt sex in the course for women
Orgasms are good for you –
this is led by Verna Betts, who knows
how mellow &  together you can be –
Verna owns a sensuous supplies store
& has taught at the Institute of Human Abilities

The curriculum at Birth Body & Breath includes
Treasure Mapping, Affirmations & Physical Immortality –
there, on the first Saturday of the month
Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing  
& a well known Prosperity Consultant, is 
conducting seminars on Loving Relationships
the way you want them.

Is there
a system of geographical power points
that contributes to peoples success in various locations?
 Astro Cartography will show you
how to computor calculate your horoscope –
geographically –
so you can be
in the right place at the right time.


We must call or
write the Atlantis New Age Bookshop
if wishing to attend
their weekly classes in ESP.

In Psychic Judo which is taught
at the Monastery of One –
one learns how to manipulate
those who are trying
to manipulate you
& also
how to change the myth of oneself
without anyone knowing it –
& how
to Hex, Bless & Cast a Control Net
& how
in the seminar Woman as Space / Man as Time
one can prepare the terrestrial mind
for an encounter with a cosmic intelligence.

The Great Oaks School of Health
is expanding its community –
& needs people who believe
that by hard work, exercise, fasting, positive thinking
herbs, homeopathy, acupressure, reflexology, color therapy
clay colonics, sensory deprivation tanks, & sauna
we can return to a more natural
& simple way of living.


Deon Dolphin of Open Channels is
an ordained minister, mother, gourmet cook, past lives counsellor,
& a liason between the old & new age –
who is affiliated with The Safe Space University
states that by clearing our past lives we can be more here
now, by going back there, then .

The Tao of Abundance will give
those with a record of success
 a jet assist toward greater accomplishment
 with less effort & vastly expanded satisfaction – 
it is for those who want real results in the real world
A trainee testifies ‘The best training i’ve taken
& i’ve taken a lot of trainings.’

Attention. Pay attention 
give your attention to a Gurdjieff oriented workshop
led by Chris Elms
who deals with money, sex & jobs
as the route to the fastest realization –
this class
will change your life –
don’t call unless you can tolerate that.
Meets weekly. Very few openings.


Some New Age tools guides & healers

If you want to have an out of body experience
but cant seem to find the time
then help is at hand –
yes, the Free Flight Program does away
with the tireless fasts & the boring contemplation
that you thought a higher consciousness
however, there is no guarantee
that the program will work for everybody  
as this depends on ones intelligence, background & experience
but for an investment of $5.95 & thirty days
you can see if the program
induces an altered state in you.

Astral Travel for Men, enjoin us  
to have a memorable journey –
we can do this & benefit from our nightly excursions
when guided by Astral Travel Audio Cassettes –
don’t leave your body without them!
as these give direction on working with your Astral counterpart
& though recorded at a mens class
women may find these an informative tool.

Kenton Lane reads the yearnings of our soul
& the blocks to their expression in 
our letters, faxes or the recordings of our voice
taken from his answering machine –

he then comes to a series of visions
that take him inside our experience of living
& most importantly
the direction the life current is moving us –
then, Kenton says
I pick up the phone & get back  to you
& ongoing work evolves  
in accordance with your needs & choice of location.

Fed up with attending expensive weekend seminars &
then being thrown back to your life on Monday morning?
Life Design is ongoing & offers a holistic triad of instruction
community & services that take you beyond
the smart monkey stage
to Humanity’s ultimate destiny
yes, in employing our integrated package of Breathwork
Neuro Linguistic Programming, Brain Machines & Psycho Acoustic Tapes
you access Money Management, Life Extension, Self Expression
Better Relationships & Body Design –
& should you want to, we can use these
 to create a free society & even expand 
 consciousness itself.

Financial prosperity & spirituality
used to be at opposite ends of the spectrum –
but twenty years as a tax accountant
& twenty years as a vegetarian & a serious meditator
have convinced Michael Rothschild
of the connection between taxes & personal transformation –
what we do together, says Michael
is set up an efficient low cost accounting system
to make more money, to minimize taxes & to have more fun.
W I S E  is an acronym for
Women Involved Spiritually & Ecologically
 who, in a celebration of the great mother
will be conducting a pilgrimage to the sacred valley
of Oaxcaca, Mexico –
where, in a moon time renewal
& at a special time out place
they will enact transforming rituals –
they will heal & play / they will share & shop.

Between 6 & 10 pm Tuesday to Sunday,
one can ring & request Whale Wisdom
as channeled by the native American shaman
Bill Good Song Eagle
& through Bill, you may ask Orindus
the whale spirit, any questions
about love, relationships, money & life path etc –
& Mastercard only.
In 1977 Ross Andaloro graduated from the College of Psychotherapeutics –
& then at the Omega Inst Massachusetts received initiation
in native American Crystal healing from Dhyani Wahoo --
after studying with Drs Vogel,  Rae & Tansley
Ross pioneered the development of Crystal Assisted Radionics –
instruments for the release of karmic blocks in the cosmic
subconscious –
Ross, a former pupil says, helped me to contact the crystalline
blueprint of my being, & to express it dynamically.

The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation Inc believes
 the new age can be summed up in the motto: 
In God we trust
as found on the back of the United States dollar bill –
The Foundation recommends their Elixir of Life
an alchemical, homeopathic remedy containing distilled water
& pure gold, which works
by changing the blood’s vibrations so that negative thoughts & emotions 
are chelated and absorbed by the pure gold.
It is available from Ralph Ornstein, President & Professor
of Alchemical Sciences, University of Light
Apartment 50; 207 Gough St, San Francisco
Do you have the feeling you landed on the wrong planet?
& perhaps possess tomorrows skills  in todays world –
do you want to be one of the transistion team
in the evolution of this planet –
let me empower you
let me empower you with facial analysis & intuitive knowledge
let me be
your psycho sacred guide.



©Nigel Roberts