H  O  M  E    &    A   W   A   Y      2  0  1  0
   n z e p c
Michael Farrell  

All Together Now: A Digital Bridge for Auckland and Sydney             


a bit sloshed

very impromptu persons: bread
-driven cows at door (i
work ... for the mexico
cocoa co., dance with
the inimitable & with
a table!)
. so will, so,
will, you dedicate
your life – your

art to me? she lives,
in the country – so to speak, while i
over the air (aren’t you?)
. theres black under my fingernails from scratching at the
. (boohoo & all that). good
moaning! wearing your trousers round your waist like a
       greek column
. & fall asleep, under the light of the
cross. a rainbow like jelly circles your house,
& a bats on the phone for your
vote (?). youve ‘taxed’ the
      rich once
too many: now theyre crossing out your
poems in the shops, the misers! the squires
      on the
tv, miaowing for something disgusting from a
tin. miranda; miranda! the tvs lost,
      ors lost
someone. goldfish shout directions, as they
go round. its all gone to the cane
. toads, you reply, to nothing as always
      . the
veneer holds firm. these are the last
days of atlantis, was i realised, someones name
      . these
plants mayve been
introduced. she hosed him
from the yard. are
you glad
? a tinge of russet on
the butter –
i mean mortgage. you need

to be sophisticated, before you can
be roughed. is there anything
more prosaic than the death
of a young movie? walking through auckland
university campus, passing glances with
poe on a tshirt
. hes popular because his eyes
move, is one explanation
. henry miller, people wanted to
write about you once. the
bicycle tree is heavy with ‘once
’. a bit sloshed over the fence.
i wouldnt want to get cut
up by
someones inside diamonds – but
i suppose
theres not much risk of that


no island is a man

            chook wins 200m free

site gag coal dell & thick it
criteria plants

dust   people   friendly plaster   cast des
hooray a clear steer 62

pages berrigan criticism blew

monkey down street

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count measure 40 line fragment

2 day reading

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wolves flake fudge relatively loud
mayfair loving prairie

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a close white friend questionnaire
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vertical line
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scene spleeny tod
the giving

much rained on earth




©Michael Farrell