new zealand electronic poetry centre


Anna Rugis

Fugacity 05
Online Poetry Anthology



even the owl is
prey to the goshawk
a blowfly 

the specifics of
its ridiculous
skid      we are 

talking decadence
the slack of muscles
the collapse 

of friendship and our
ideals composted
by neglect 

and the spring fed streams
that push and flow no
matter what 

the academy
of distrust             who will
write the slip? 

post marks on degrees
of meaninglessness
in one week 

on this street alone
three houses change hands
my buyers 

inherit nothing
this is the only
list I'm on 

we are all burning
this morning the air
is so clear 

like saints roll biddis
to feed their children
we are rocked 

and caressed in fumes

that last white bark pine
the Sawtooth Mountain
sage     stunted 

as alive as dead
beautiful beyond
reason like 

the insights inside
come to me 

my dragon and hold
my tiny bent hand
in a sky 

somewhere which we will
firebrand            one flick
and we're free

Last updated 20 May, 2005