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 Robynanne Milford

Fugacity 05
Online Poetry Anthology




( A cloak for travelers through blacklands in backcountry)

Beyond faces stitched
seam to seam in snow
blacklands, swept by tongues
keen to violins on no.8 wire
their somewhere and nowheres,
matagouri for shelter.
Forced to journey
without tracks
in jandals and longjohns
travelers must weave a
or bleed into darkness
          Aue Aue Aue
 Wairua a tupuna
 breathe warm kihikihi,
aroha impervious to blizzards,
weave a cloak with hood hand kissed
throat clasp brushed with lips,
line with white satin stars
compass for eyes without ra.
Turn back an edge find
 firelight for reflection
glowworms to illumine
incandescent in haka
through blacklands.

Christchurch 2005

Kahuwhakamarumaruwairua= cloak to protect/shelter the spirit
Aue = lament
kihi = kiss
ra = sun
tupuna = ancestor/grandparent
wairua = spirit
haka = dance

Last updated 28 April, 2005