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Frankie McMillan

Fugacity 05
Online Poetry Anthology



on pulling a man from a hot oven

this poem calls
to the gingerbread man
it leaves a wide

window open
under the cooling trees

it likes the word, oh
oh, you have bitten
my neck

oh, I have a hole
in my head oh,
you have ruined my heart

this poem does not want
to be wrestled
to ground,does not want

a yellow star
thumped into its chest
this poem sidesteps

the boy who stuffs
straw into his dead
father's clothes

the girl with
the butterfly net

this poem runs
backwards to beowolf
it runs frontwards

and sideways over
farmer's fences

this poem is not
about to be mobbed
or flung inside
a train.

this poem r u n s
the hot stink
of ginger
at its heels


Last updated 20 May, 2005