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Barbara McCartney

Fugacity 05
Online Poetry Anthology


Poulenc 1st cello sonata  

flying down the corridor  
he is stopped
by the sound of the cello

sometimes one comprehends
without being told
recognising an unknown

he dislikes anything inflexible
relishes the movement of the bow over the strings
the cellist’s elbow bending and straightening
the articulate fingers

transport for stray thoughts

he listens
a Joseph Guarneri cello of 1710

he has always known                      
the principal addiction is sleep
discontent sedative

he watches a pair of blackbirds explore
                    the mandarin bush at the window
the red camellia in flower – a rare thing in his country
his ambition
to celebrate the unlikely

the old man is banging on the wall
no concession for the unfamiliar


Published Takahe 50 (2003), and The Chook Book (2004)

Last updated 24 April, 2005