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Paul Adrian Mabelis

Fugacity 05
Online Poetry Anthology



Another Song of the Self

Swollen silent by the shadows of statues also says in the dullness of a stoner:

"brother nonchalant of the kamikaze
karma something sutra


please tell the Buddha
his son has been born, broken into a war drobe of indifferent clothes/

and skin, a zen collegian, made of collagen that befriends an already full lipped American

the gist of what buddha was,
there again, as the
air repents around what we would call
the general area

of padding filled along his belly
braided with simple swaying grass
like a swell of hairy regrets,

rounded into smile like a lunatic's tic of tensile stretch of truth, in fear for telling us his fat full of shit secret

for being his own self, in a sea-crest of uniformities - med cups and white coats stacked like the cities

buildings brightened by the falling sun, the afternoon a ball of yellow yarn undone.


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