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Paul Jenkins

Fugacity 05
Online Poetry Anthology


Patricia Grace Jenkins

She listens to Doctors from overseas
One makes a joke, we don't get.
The nurse says get some rest.
Trish is familiar with the routine.
She knows when to sit up.
What sort of things they need to hear.
She is tossed in a sea of treatments.
Recipient of lots of smiles and reassurances.
Then the hard facts,
Of another small heart attack.
She asks for news of great grandchildren.
The makers of stories,
Striving to learn.
Fergus about tractors.
Molly is a swimmer and an artist.
Rita is a talker now.
I read a story of a walk with the Auckland girls,
Then her eyes close.
Sleep washes, calm waves.
She doesn't stir when the chaplin comes by.
In the background the nurses
Dicuss the rugby and how its just a game
And no-one died.
They don't sound convincing.
So are we a passionless people,
Not about rugby,
And not about family
Maybe it will be a 'where were you question'
When the All Blacks lost in 2003 (were you)
Up the Base Hospital, or in front of a TV.

Last updated 25 April, 2005