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Isabelle Hudson

Fugacity 05
Online Poetry Anthology


Small Islands of Fuga City 05

Late in 1003
Izumi Shikibu the poet
was taken to
Prince Atsumichi’s Palace

Early in 2003
Isa Stensgair painter & poet
was delivered to
land of many worlds
where the great seas
bang on the doors of
these small Islands
in Winter
waves brain storm
the Beaches
many persons may see just froth
while others percieve in the foam
white lace flowers Iceberg Roses?
regardless of season
Snow & Roses
transcend each year
culminate each century
bracket two poets
bridge every Island

Windowsill Worship

Hallowed my kitchen is
by stained glass colours
of bottles on the windowsill
I can enjoy their emptiness
contents supped by other lips
yet substance contained
in a fluid watercolour painting
and an ink penned poem


Last updated 25 April, 2005