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Annora Gollop

Fugacity 05
Online Poetry Anthology




1. Homework

Finish my homework
I am my homework
I fell through the air
when I was 8
propelled by the seat
Of a seesaw
up through the air
and then I fell
on the other end
with my face
onto my brand new
front teeth
and broke out
a big V
buck they were
and bucker still
after that
they've been straightened up
and capped a few times
but a job like
pretending you still have
your two front teeth
is never finished.

2. Home/work

I liked staying
home from school
which I hated
but I think my mistake
was that this
is a negative equation
not school because not like
not like therefore not go.

I should have found something
I wanted to do instead
instead of staying in bed
it set up a rather
unfortunate opposition

3. Home work

Home work is when
you stay and make
a home even when
your nomad genes
are raging at you
that there is a
road somewhere that
crests a hill
and then leads down
into a place
where everyone
loves you.
And the task is
not being led
so quickly astray
by days dreamed
in the night
and staying here
to make home work


Last updated 25 April, 2005