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Robyn Drabble

Fugacity 05
Online Poetry Anthology



Ships Lost At Sea

Sailing out on the ocean
Upon the fiercest waves
Shouting into the gale
You cant get me
I'm brave

I'll stand steadfast and sure
Amongst the mightiest of seas
I'll laugh at your anger
And torment you with my cries
I'll aim my wrath
up to the darkened skies

My little ship is rocking
But takes no water aboard
She is tossing, turning all around
There seems no way out but down

She steels herself against you
and batons down her hatches
She ties her mainsail
And secures all her latches
She will not drown

I'll wave my jack-o-lantern
out across the seas
For someone is watching
And knows where I'll be
I'll wave it forever
If thats what it takes
I dont mind
My little ship
And I can wait

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