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Caroline Bergvall

Fugacity 05
Online Poetry Anthology


lidl suga /l/

lidl suga /l/ /l/
lidl English l/ gl
ides /l/ alveolar alveolar
liquid letter flows
unlike marble

not warm liquid   /r/
/r/ muscular mid-throat   limit
or frontal glide /w/ waiting
waits waiting waits

language   holds   saliva
saliva holds   language

/l/ falls deeply  
loiters around   forms
living is a kind of c
until they moisten and   lessen

[audio mp3 910KB]

lidl suga g

lidl suga suga
stop voiced
soft palace  
a gift like /d/ ma donna
veiled back ballad velar
/g/ /g/

Garcia Lorca Garcia Lorca!
goes outside
who found him
plucked strung up like a guitar
in the back street
or a fruit
or a strange girl /g/
for go

we gawp we stand around
we con
gregate   openly
we don’t go
back in
we just de
lay we block the game
with our softness with our give

[audio mp3 760KB]


Two parts of Little Sugar (iivv), a sonic text installation collaboration, up and running as part of TEXTfestival (Bury, Manchester).

Caroline Bergvall
New York, April 2005


Last updated 29 April, 2005