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Lynn Tara Austin

Fugacity 05
Online Poetry Anthology


the blue of the sea depends
on the number of particles
suspended in it

this morning we meet -
Eastcoast Cafe
a table overlooking Tidal View

we're depending on chocolate
cake a strong coffee
to help the words

trying to free them
in a stranger's attempt
to befriend a stray dog

thick hair of a husky
an old dog and slow
but his tail is up

someone paddles
a kayak suspended
on river and estuary's merging

blue the cafe man's shirt
and palm trees sway
as he moves among the tables

he puts out fresh flowers
setting off the scent
of frangipani

i'm on an island beach
my man in a lava lava
we watch them bring in the fish

in my nostrils
the scent of 'Opium'
from a woman in beige



Previously published in Takahe 52 2004

Last updated 25 April, 2005