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Raewyn Alexander

Fugacity 05
Online Poetry Anthology


It is certainly about memory and forgetting...

wellness and buckets

i saw the spot near the Chalice Well in Glastonbury where King Arthur and
Lady Guinevere's bones were buried until too many pagans visted. the old
magic hadn't let them go.

monks moved the bones to somewhere secret.

later, after Christianty took over or had a hold, so fewer would be enthralled
by the thought of the royal pair's in situ bones, the monks admitted where the
grave had been. they may have simply pointed to some spot. the bones themselves
were never recovered, there is only a marked area and a sign that mentions the
king and queen for tourists who wander the ruined abbey. what had been an
entire nation is just a set of stories now.

people say, it is rumoured, so we believe...much may get moved, sold or hidden
after any change. later when you find these items or see them, they could seem
altered or you can't recall quite what you thought before. buckets and buckets
of ideas have been spilled or swilled away.

the photo of you? close up with one eye a wink and the other awry, that pirate
look and so blue, now it makes me smile.

none of your skin nor bones are here, we blast the room with the new stereo
and the music is as good or better than disinfectant. this is the new religion.
laughing so much at a comedy show just now that I cried and coughed, I could
die laughing.

never come back here. that map is wrong.

Last updated 24 April, 2005