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Michael Harlow

 Capital of the minimal  

 Michael Harlow was the 1986 Katherine Mansfield Fellow, the 1991 New Zealand-Australia Literary Exchange Fellow, and the 2003 Randall Fellow. As librettist for the NZ-Suisse composer Kit Powell he has collaborated on Texts for Composition, 1981; Nelson Songs, 1986; Les Episodes, Conversation with Questions, a commission from the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra to celebrate its fortieth anniversary in 1987, and The Tower of Babel, which was performed at the Kykart II Festival, St Petersburg, in 1996.  His most recent book of poems and short prose texts, Cassandra's Daughter, was a decade in the making, He works in Central Otago as a writer and Jungian Analytical Psychotherapise. In No Problem, But Not Easy he observes:
Sometimes he is friendly
Always in a hurry to be singing.
Sometimes she is not unfriendly
She is full of lightness, and music.                                                                                                           


  • Poems (New York, 1965)
  • Events, Greece, 1967–1974 (Athens, 1974)
  • The Book of Quiet (England, 1974)
  • Nothing But Switzerland and Lemonade (Hawk Press, 1980)
  • Today Is the Piano’s Birthday (AUP/OUP, 1981)
  • Vlaminck’s Tie (McIndow, 1985)
  • Giotto’s Elephant (McIndoe, 1991)
  • Cassandra’s Daughter (AUP, forthcoming)



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