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 Capital of  the minimal
G r a e m e   D o w n e s

This Train

Hot sun or rain come
You can't stop this train that you're on
You can't hold no brakes on
You're out of control
And station by station you're waiting
For the golden banner to welcome you home

Good soldiers and sailors keep both of their eyes wide open
They're usually rude to all curious man
But they told you that Jonah did not see the whale
And he was never the same way again

It must be so lonely where you ride
Wishing only at your side
The only one who knows you well

Each night is more familiar
Each one as cold as winter
You play down the hole within you
For another round they call you
Just one more town implores you
They're holding letters for you
All say how they adore you

You can't turn back now as a
Great crowd has come down
You think how it's all been worth it
The press hounds all hang round
The door of the train

And station by station
It all goes the same
These golden banners to welcome you home
It must be so lonely
She sends her embraces by mail
Kisses by phone


ęGraeme Downes 2004


Last updated 12 July, 2004