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 Capital of  the minimal
G r a e m e   D o w n e s

Crisis After Crisis

The party went fine 'til you arrived:
Felt a compulsion to leave my senses.
I saw in your eyes, you thought that you were the great reason why.
The moment you came you thought you'd butchered my evening.

Well if I get drunk, well that's all right
If I sleep on the floor all night
Don't think that you're the great reason why I've got my guts in a vice.
Save your sympathetic gloats
I ain't chain-smoking or drinking your toast.
You ain't the one that's hurting me most, it's me that's all.

First time I saw you, in that cluttered room
I couldn't have run for the world.
But don't you see, it was more than you and me -
Something else was on trial to be purged.
Well if something could die in an afternoon
Anything else was eventually doomed -
Just a question of just how soon it concluded.
Not trying to make you feel mean.
Not wearing my heart on my sleeve.
Just trying to make you see what wasn't and what is...

Girls I've written poetry for before cease to exist.
Your eyes just bleed before the sun, love's slashed her wrists.
So I write of a girl from who knows where, with dark brown skin and Dürer's hair.
Who knows what love, what hate, what lies beyond those saddened, violet eyes.


ęGraeme Downes 2004


Last updated 13 August, 2004