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J e a n n e   B e r n h a r d t
Your self of lost ground


Try again, let go, snow was what earth needed
from writings inside in held and growing up
if one must grow up?
Be it not too late, be it welcome then
to realize 'an excuse to die' - a line that struck me full
and to the heart with what I hadn't said
but a carrier truth I knew, must try again
to ask a new day, another day, a day beginning
and strive to see why I put this thought out
wounded wings to beat the head

Less magic now, agreeing on this
still it felt good to sleep as us again
twin bands of red in the morning window
the sun wedded to the snow, to greet the earth later
as we failed before. And not bring up wrongly.


Jeanne Bernhardt 2004




Last updated 13 July, 2004