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J e a n n e   B e r n h a r d t
The Snow Poems



Not as it was now you know now you know
the emptiness that crawled inside, took this coward thought
through my blood and gave it to you, hammered together of anxiety and hope
until it was built a shack poorly handled but clambering over still in this wood
without it we would have nothing
Oh wrong, wrong, but I was pleased with the garden we shook from ourselves
as though dancing ahead
were idiots and mystics not wives not parents and children
even lying in bed even wishing for death clutching you to me
like a stone from the earth was my happiness
how warm your body only there I felt certain
that no one could come
and kept hidden those black dreams of ears
little fool with the face
welcome, welcome

Jeanne Bernhardt 2004


Last updated 13 July, 2004