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 Capital of  the minimal
R o b   A l l a n

from Karitane Postcards


Cycling round the curving harbour from Port
Richard on his red geared mountain bike
me an old B.S.A. Raleigh Sports     cranking the rhythm
a dialogue of hurts by living waters
sun touched grass and trees livid after rain.
These points of departure in a dream of sleep
hulks we pass Iíve seen in paintings bright as today.

I give advice as fathers often give
what better than silence I say     an example of silence
in the face of changing and unchangeable things
thinking of none I yacker     turning the rusty cogs and chain
a talk of gulls the low boom of a heron
images of a personal contact I reach for
the hard to hear voices moving inside.  

[Karitane Postcards, Hazard Press, 1991]

©  Rob Allan 2004


Last updated 11 July, 2004