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 Capital of  the minimal
R o b   A l l a n

from Karitane Postcards


Gregory collecting at Karitane
orange twine three bottle tops with golden stars
a toi-toi plume seeding the sky
and a can of Duet orange and lemon flavours
he ties the can to the twine
lets it hang from the toi-toi
- put the stars in the belly of the fish -
he says hanging his bait over the wharf.
- Watch me - he says I watch
he’s my treasure     my catch all     tussle of arguments
movement on water     the complex shift of skies
and sunlight     he’s the reflection of desire
the earthly altar of self worship
the natural love that goes out without effort
all things going together
in reasonable request the taken for alternation
of a child’s love.       

[Karitane Postcards, Hazard Press, 1991]

©  Rob Allan 2004


Last updated 11 July, 2004