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Genevieve McClean
3rd Birthday



Take a look at it
It's a little bit
It's a little bit kinda groovy isn't it?
(I wanna say..) Big ups   set the top   set
The way they off set the prof set,  
Big Ups   set the Top set
the way they off   set the prof set.
Get set on a jet,
Get your needs met
Think you're the young met?
All made wanna bet?
Let me get steady ready yeah get set.
Slay me if you think this aint the way to play see
Pay me if you like what I do
Buy me out, hear me out, hire me out,
I'll whisper in your ear and shout the lines for you,
Invisible Jezebel, Less than 10 decibel, Is your system Decimal?
Cause I adhore you, since I first saw you,
I ad - ore you since I first saw you.
How's business? have you got your listeners?
Counting up your excess?
Recipe for success:
This is what you gotta do:
You ring in the bling, an' then
you bring in the ring-in,
you bring him in singin,
you bring him in wingin,
you make sure he's flingin his wingin around,
you bring him in stingin a Soul    Sound...
There's no reason
Like High Treason,
For you to ease-in
To the Season,
Whatever you makin,
Time            is takin
Far too long
For that bread you bakin  
How many of yous are a bit confuse
with the idea of finding yourself a ghostly kind of muse?
Don't get me wrong,
I'm fully fully in support of the song
the scene,
but not the scenic thing
If you know what I mean,
You know what I'm trying to sing?
Look all I wanna do
is toast to your health
and invite you to join me as I sample myself:
How many young New Zealanders in the hip-hop scene today?
How many young New Zealanders in the hip hop scene today?
on this side of defence or
on that side of defence?
On this side of defence or
on that side of defence?
OK Muthafuckas listen up
I got a thing to say (breathe)
about the way you trippin up
sippin up
the styles of all the thieves gone before you
lappin it up off the floor you
/gotta hasten up with the words now, bro
I'm makin a space for you now so
don't be too slow
if you're a resident
then you should listen up
and you'll take dividends
all from the bottom up,
this is how you loosen up
don't try to shut the music up
who                              you
you got a borderline
personality align-        ment
sent your daughter to the border
for the real assignment sent
your letter to the press
it got rejected cause they needed less
you got dejected and now let me guess
you fucked up like a hedonist
too subordinate          you're inordinately
sublime, but you rhyme like a functionary see
take a look at me
My name is Bella
I'm a hellava   minority see
you wanna see the light?
It's a real laugh
It's real life
It's a butter knife in a dragon's heart start there....
it's a visualisation
causing you elation
it's usually inflation
just watch your intonation
I'm just 23, and i wanna be
/a docile gamin reticent innocent
disguised by the visor of a lizard - eating dissident.
and if you're resident
then you'll take dividends...
(What kind of tree grows puppetry
you'll be the hangman's effigy
or by Saint George you'll convalesce
in years of mattress fantasy
Yeah - saving damsels from distress          less ness )
sorry what did you order?
was it a wallop of artillery on the Iraqi borda?
you want a dollop of a sauce made from a saucy danca?
you want a reindeer on your roof?
I've got backing and advanca
You gotta say tho
You gotta tell me
How can I know for sure
if you don't allow me?
Was it Versace? or visage of a duchy?
Tanned baby deer hide?
With cyanide on the side?
You want your castle made of sand
have you got a family pl
Well thank you!
Thank you very muchy!

From Bella Tuesday
June 2004


© Genevieve McClean 2004


Last updated 18 October, 2018