G O R G E    A N D    R U S H
Tapa notebook, Oct 2007.

30/10/07:  Havana

Dinosaurs and vultures, the delicate
craft of sleep. Tonight the sky
is a latin touchstone, raining sapphires
and diamond-spotted lizards.

Topper, a strong swimmer, dives sweetly
into the king-tide, surfacing beneath
the thunder of a wild horizon,
liquid throat of a meteor's song,
of lightning's ship and wailing reeds.

At journey’s end the city still
a cup to be emptied   of son montuno,
of mojito stories   of newborn hope,
split from the fingerprint planets.

On this final Malecón night we are new world
explorers, navigating by the tapa star-map
silver fish arcs and spars of flying coral.

The tide awash with scented debris,
we float silently on our backs,
a pair of Malibu whales, spitting salt,
drinking in the revolutionary wind.


Brian Flaherty