G  O  R  G  E     A  N  D     R  U  S  H
Tapa notebook, Oct 2007.

19/10/07:  SFMOMA, San Francisco

The visible is only an isolated case

The first day of war, expecting
something more, we are
weight and counter-weight
blown about a steep city of light.

At the Gallery on sloping air,
Cornell assembles boxes
Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Lupus,
navigating our morbid imagination,
wary still of the enemy.

A galaxy of angels,
breaking through
second nature’s theatre.
Like the song of death
- dia de los muertos -
that trickles through
these bloodless walls.

This cabinet of curiosities
is a serial isolation
like shallow breathing
or a room of unattainable
women. Where speaking
even as yourself, you are
still someone else.



Brian Flaherty