Forty Short Stanzas About Spittle



The quotes used in this poem (in italics) come from Alan Brunton's poems:
Leaving Luang Prabang, Before a Journey by Water and the history of the Others.
(All referenced from Michele Leggott, Leaving Luang Prabang: A Tale of Two Travellers , Ka Mate Ka Ora, issue 4, september 2007.


Vietnamese chanting for Le Phat Dan (May 20, 2007). Artist/Composer: Ananda Buddhist Monastery and College.


5. Luang Prabang, Laos by Slippy Slappy

6. Pha That Luang, Vientiane, Laos by Alangreig

7. 2008 Loas Monks Luang PraBang Asia by opalpeterliu

8. 2009-08-30 09-03 Luang Prabang 360 Mekong  by Allie_Caulfield

9. Pak Ou Cave - 12 by chrissam42

11. Mekong river, Luang Prabang, Laos  by Alangreig

12. Pak Ou Caves by River Mekong  by llee_wu

14. Luang Prabang's Novices  by Nicoze

17. Monk at Luang Prabang night market  by Joffley

18. Prayer Flag of Luang Prabang by BaboMike

22. IMGP3279 by nakwoodford

23. Dock by chrissam42

24. 2008 Loas Monks Luang PraBang alms By opalpeterliu

26. Luang Prabang, Laos  by Alangreig

29. heavy rain by garycycles2

30. Robin with sun flower seeds in mouth by kevinjay.

31.  P1140459 by andrewvitale

32.  Golden naga in Luang Prabang by Pondspider

33. Mekong River Laos - 2006    by Smulan77

34. River Mekong Impress  by llee_wu

35. Cyclo seat, Laos by Original Nomad

36. Misty morning, Kinabatangan River by Per Edin

40. Mekong Monk by wharman

Other photographs by Brian Flaherty AttributionShare Alike

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