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The Song of the Earth Spirit

When the field of the far heaven changes
      Through the day’s broken bars,
O’er the peaks of the mystical ranges
      I arise with the stars.

But I pass in a wreath o’ white vapor
      When the shadows are done,
Where the arms of the sloping hills taper
      To the reach of the sun.

All the wild winds are huddled together,
      Lying low in their lair;
Falls the down of a lone eagle’s feather
      Like a stone in the air.

Oh, Beloved! my bosom is dreary
      As the lilt of a song,
When the heart of the singer is weary,
      And the rhythm is long.

Thy somnolent voice as I listen,
      O’er the leagues of the turf
Floats to me, and white thy limbs glisten
      On the crest of the surf.

Is there aught neath the wide sky’s embowment
      Like thy mighty unrest?
Oh, to lean for one lingering moment
      On thy turbulent breast!

How I long for thy waters to hold me
      As they lap at my feet,
To flow over and fondle and fold me
      Till our joy be complete!



‘The Song of the Earth Spirit,’ Bulletin 16 Nov 1905: 40. NSW.
See also ‘Song of the Earth Spirit,’ Verses 1905: 47-48 and ‘Song of the Earth,’ Verses 1905: 27-28.

Last updated 29 May, 2013