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Dead Pine Shadows

The red pines stood like pickets
   Guarding the long white road,
And o’er the terraces faces
   The sin’ster shadows strode;
Out through the knotted thickets
   The woof of moonbeams strayed,
And lighted the road in places,
   But more was left in shade.

So the dead pine shadows muster
   Life’s long, white road beside,
When forth in stealthy batches
   Of gaunt, grey shapes they ride;
But the weft of joy-beams cluster
   High o’er Life’s twisted glade,
And fall in gleaming patches
   On barrren leagues of shade.



‘Dead Pine Shadows,’ NZ Illustrated Magazine 8.2 (May 1903): 140. Lola Ridge.
See also Verses 1905: 10.

Last updated 27 May, 2013