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Many times at night I sit up and watch you sleep.
Tree’s shadows slip across the room to augur space.
Between us are movements like ocean eternity.
I have died many times but I live for you.
The word live sanctions churches to change their
candles and pews into sweet smelling horizons.
I embrace clothes you had worn to markets.
I left but always I returned to be with you.
The many faces in windows were my cities.
Saliva secreted from a parachute fuelled my life.
I called on meteors and fire found my grief.
A road was all I had to remember your name.
It ended in sadness and clung to a microscope.
I hid my wounds from the sun’s enquiries.



From 100 Love Poems (Earl of Seacliff, 2005)

John Pule

Last updated 25 September, 2005